Rok wydania: 2003
Czas realizacji: 24h
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Unikatowe limitowane i bardzo trudne do zdobycia wydawnictwo zawierające, zdjęcia wywiady, perypetie zespołu, opowiadające o losach Metalliki przez początki, po sukces.



Disc 1 - The Early Years

Disc 2 - Nurturing the Monster

Disc 3 - Rules of the World

Disc 4 - Moving on

+ 116 stronicowa duża książka


Few bands can claim ro have defined a muscial genre; fewer can claim to have invented one. Metallica has done both!

"Whats the message in Metallica? There is no message, but if there was a message, it really should be look within yourself for the answers" - Lars Ulrich

The worlds greatest exponents of the art of Thrash Metal have spent more than twenty five years taking their blistering hard rock around the world; in doing so they have sold an incredible 90 million albums. Now, in the company of band insiders and the foremost rock critics and metal heads in the industry, here is the story of the band from the inside, featuring a superb critical assessment of the band and its work from the early days in Los Angeles through to the storming St. Anger and the end of an era which saw Metallica dominate the metal world. Drawing on rare archive interviews with guitarist James Hetfield and former bassist Jason Newsted, hear how the band drew on British heavy metal and US punk to fashion their extraordinary sound. Share in the bands successes, and its trials and tribulations, including the tragic death of bass player Cliff Burton in Sweden in 1986.The book also features a comprehensive track by track analysis of Metallicas studio releases. A must have for any serious music fan; thscompletely independent critical review leaves no stone unturned as it explores the Metallica legend.

This independent and unaligned book and DVD set was made with complete editorial freedom. It is uncensored and is not endorsed by, or in any way associated with, past or present members of Metallica. This book and DVD set contains no musical performances or compositions by Metallica.

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